Our Core Values:


We believe trust to be the backbone of all successful business ventures. Our brokers put honesty, reliability & transparency above all else.


Our use of modern technology in conjunction with a strict adherence to our proven systems allows us to get things done quickly and accurately.


We believe that by sharing our knowledge and providing a good service to our clients, we are able to improve the surrounding communities as well as benefit our clients..


Last, but most importantly, we value results.

We produce results that meet or exceed expectations.

We believe your listing broker’s commission should be largely based on their ability to find the right buyer.

Streamline Commercial Properties is a new type of commercial real estate brokerage that is giving clients a new way to streamline the selling process through the latest technology. This new streamlined process for listings also allows sellers to see huge savings over a traditional listing while still having access to top level support and negotiating skills.

Creating a brochure, tracking down the contact information for surrounding owners to do roof-top marketing, tracking sales comparables, etc used to require a large staff and a huge amount of time. With current technology, all of this can be done in minutes or hours vs. days or weeks. That is why we believe that the old fee schedule for brokers is outdated. Just like the purchase and sale of stocks was made affordable by the use of the internet, we have been able to create Streamline Commercial Properties as a way for experienced sellers to save a significant amount of money on the sale side of the commissions without sacrificing service in any way.

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